Individual Solutions

cafe-coachingCAFE Coaching – here is your opportunity to receive assessment results or coaching feedback in a relaxed setting.   CAFE stands for Coaching Assessment and FEedback, and it also refers to our meeting place – a Panera or similar facility works well.

WHY?   – Check what you need:

checkmarkI want to be more effective in my current position or move up (leadership development)

checkmarkI want to be more effective at relationship building in my family and my volunteer work in the community (personal development)

checkmarkI need coaching through changes going on in my career
(transition or retirement survival)

checkmarkI have two employees who do not get along, but they are both good employees (conflict resolution)

checkmarkWe have a great marriage, and want to make it even better by building our communication and relating skills (not marital counseling; see a duly licensed counselor for that service!)

WHAT? – virtually any of the assessments under MBTI® solutions or Assessment solutions listed.   A three-session format works best if you are serious about utilizing the information – one for receiving the results, a second for your reactions and planning action steps, and a third for follow-up to see how you are doing and suggest additional changes for any challenges you are having.

HOW? / WHERE? –   You take the instrument online first, and then meet with Jerry for the assessment results usually in person, but depending upon the instrument, could be by phone. All follow-ups are by phone.

WHO? – Jerry is one of the few persons ever to get a “5” out of 5 on the DDI Coaching simulation (for Chrysler), has taken an advanced MBTI® course on Executive Coaching, and has delivered hundreds of individual MBTI® assessments.

Email Jerry for your preferred solution!