Jerry Black explains New Orleans 'lagniappe'On our numerous trips to New Orleans, almost everywhere you go they like to give you a “lagniappe” or something extra. They would say Just a little sumthin’ extra!”   Here are some extra modules that will enrich your MBTI® experience: 

Motivational styles

It’s no surprise that different types are motivated differently.   Discover how the four temperaments assist your efforts in keeping yourself and everyone else motivated.

Communicating with other Types

Includes clues and tips how each of the preferences can be more effective at communicating with someone with an opposite preference (60 minutes; 90 minutes with exercises) – great opportunity to pinpoint some opportunities to improve communication skills and make your interactions more effective.

Getting-To-Know You” Team Exercise

Designed for newly formed teams or teams that work remotely; an opportunity for each team member to talk about their personality type, how it relates to their job, any surprises, and what from the session do they realize they need to focus on.

Use MBTI for teamwork with Client Focus Inc.Team Analysis

Small group discussion on group type results – how type differences and similarities in your group challenge the group dynamics, and discovering strategies to meet these challenges – all groups report out (60-75 minutes).

Conflict Style

Exploring the five conflict styles, when they are valuable and when they are not, and how they relate to type results. (60 minutes)

Surviving Change

Different types react and deal with change v-e-r-y differently. Learning what these challenges are helps everyone survive and thrive through times of constant change (60-75 minutes)

Type Dynamics

Dive into how different types utilize different functions to make decisions and problem solve, and how what you experience in dealing with another person may be different than what is being processed in their brain. This knowledge is a great shortcut to reaching the best solution in any situation.   (60-75 minutes)

MBTI uses for spirituality - Call Client Focus Inc!Spirituality

While we all find our own path spiritually, different types utilize various vehicles and methodologies to go down that path. An interesting and rewarding to experience.

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