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ClientFocus Inc. various MBTI programsThe Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is taken by at least two million people a year and has become the leading development tool in businesses, government, and non-profits. It was derived from the work of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist who published his work in the 1920’s. It is now a tradition in Corporate America. The results are universally positive – no personality type is better or worse than any other. Each has its own strengths where it tends to focus. The magic begins when you know your own type, and begin to appreciate that other types have different, but valid, strengths too.   All this is based upon psychological preferences. You may act differently at work or home due to the environment, but the MBTI® measures your preferences no matter what environment you are in.   Read more

Due to legal and ethical standards, the MBTI® must be given by a certified practitioner, and the results must be fully explained, questions answered, and supporting materials provided. The MBTI® Foundations session below satisfies this requirement. From there your options are endless – so many applications and modules – mix and match to best suit your needs. Jerry will work with you to design a program that will best satisfy your unique needs.   Your investment will be in ½ day increments plus a per person charge for online scoring and materials provided.   There are special rates for non-profits. Here are three of the most common sessions:

MBTI® Foundations (2.5 to 3 hours)

Please note that the assessment is taken online with the results distributed at the session.   All assessments need to be in two weeks prior to the session in order to plan for specific group needs.

  • History and Use
  • Positioning (what it is and what it isn’t) as a development tool
  • Preferences – “That’s What It’s All About.”
  • Self-assessment through lecture, examples, and exercises
  • Refine and Review of preference knowledge
  • Scores distributed and explained
  • Best Fit type established
  • “Okay, now what does this all mean?”
  • Most groups share this valuable info and their reactions with each other
  • Group Type calculated (if appropriate)

MBTI® Team Building:   Developing a Team that Executes!
(1 day to 1.5 days)

  • MBTI offers team building programs with ClientFocus Inc.MBTI Foundations
  • Motivational Styles
  • Team Analysis to Develop Strategies
  • Optional Survey Results*
  • Communicating with other Types
  • Conflict Styles
  • Surviving Change
  • Team Meeting Exercise
  • Turning Strategies into Tactics
  • Development Plan (individual)

These sessions also make great retreats for non-profit boards, church councils, teachers and other groups.  Discover how your group may be dysfunctioning and what you must do progress.

*ClientFocus, Inc. does offer an optional anonymous survey for team members to complete and return to CFI. The results are tabulated and the trends are noted for a report at the session. Invariably, the issues for discussion can be connected to the personality type make-up of the group.

MBTI® – Step II®
(1 day)

This is an advanced level of MBTI® best suited to individuals and groups that know their MBTI® type and want to delve deeper into the meaning of your results and gain greater clarity and insight. Step II shows 5 sub-scales (“facets”) for each of the four letter preferences, giving you a total of 20 characteristics to more individually identify your personality. The results are applied in four vital areas of management development:   communication, change management, decision making and conflict management, and suggests ways of using your style more effectively.

If you are one of those individuals that had trouble deciding your best fit on one of the dichotomy pairs, this is a great way to clarify why. While you may have a Judging preference, it could be one or two of your facets appear as a Perceiving preference.

The program consists of a quick review of preferences, explanations and exercises for the sub-scales, charts to show on a continuum where everyone in your group scored, discussions of the impact upon your group, and application to a business case of your choosing.  See sample report

Advanced Applications Solutions

All programs are from 6-7 hours, include pre-administration of the MBTI®, and the material in the MBTI® Foundations Session. Material can be combined for extended sessions and tailored to your needs.

Leadership using MBTI led by Jerry BlackUsing Type to Develop Your Leadership Style (for both emerging and seasoned leaders)

  • What do Leaders do?
  • Type Dynamics and Leadership styles
  • Leadership: A Path of Growth and Development Leadership development plan

Using Type to Influence Others (for leaders and all staff)

  • Communication Skills by Preference & Type
  • Application Exercises
  • Development plan (group/individual)

Using Type to Resolve Conflict (for leaders and staff)

  • Conflict happens!
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Combine with Type Communication Skills for a 1.5 day program)
  • Development plan (group/individual)

Innovation ideas using MBTI led by Jerry BlackUsing Type To Improve the Innovation Process
(for all)

  • Innovations is a Process
  • Innovation Takes All Types
  • Development plan (group/individual)

Using Type to Expand Your Coaching Skills(for managers and supervisors)

  • Expanding Your Coaching Skills
  • Development plan

Using Type to Meet Sales Goals(for sales personnel)

  • Sales Process Framework
  • Matching Your Customer’s Preferences
  • Development plan

Using Type To Survive and Thrive During Change
(for leaders and staff)

  • Managing Change/Dealing with Resistance
  • Understanding the Effects of Change on Type
  • Development plan (leader/individual)


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