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question-marksCompetency-Based Behavioral Interviewing For Hiring Excellence

If your hiring experience is not getting the results you needed for your business, learn the most effective interviewing methodology around – Behavioral Interviewing.   You have the option to use your in-house competencies or model competencies from course material.

  • Keeping it legal.
  • Determining what you want.
  • Preparing high quality questions (and follow-ups).
  • Conducting a structured interview.
  • Documenting interviews.
  • Making a Final Decision.

survivalSurvival Skills for Constant Change

The rules have changed. Change is the rule and a constant challenge in the workplace. This unique session will prepare you to meet this challenge. (Half-day)

  • Understand the different and valid reactions to change
  • Learn four guiding principles for survival
  • Get past automatic pilot to flexible focus
  • Discover the top ten change tips
  • Determine your next steps to tackle change

Innovation ideas using MBTI led by Jerry BlackBuilding Innovative Solutions

If you are challenged by creativity and innovation, this session will change the way you think and move you down the road toward innovative solutions. (Half-day)

  • Discover exactly what creativity is, and that all of us can be creative
  • Understand and overcome your barriers to creativity
  • Learn Jerry’s left brain methods for creativity and innovation
  • Appreciate that creativity is useless with implementation

New Supervisor Training by an experienced trainer, Jerry BalckNew Supervisor Training Program

Let’s collaborate!  If you need a new or upgraded new supervisor program, I can provide all the pieces except for policy and performance evaluation, which are your company specific contributions.   That means I will add an MBTI® assessment and then expand the usual topics of communication, planning, coaching, feedback, team building, and goal setting with advanced  MBTI® applications.  I have a ten-year experience on a similar project with a major retailer for both their headquarter’s and logistic’s areas.

meetingsMastering Meeting Management

If employees dread coming to your meetings or you believe too much time is wasted at meetings, this session is a must. (Half-day)

  • Learn the three keys of successful meetings
  • Discover the who, what, when, and how of effective meetings
  • Handle every issue on the agenda successfully
  • Deal with challenging attendees and situations
  • Appreciate the importance of flexibility

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